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Porteous Park is in the suburb of Sorrento, Perth - Western Australia. It is located approximately 1 km inland from Sorrento Beach and about 2 km south east of the popular Hillarys Boat Harbour, within the City of Joondalup. The whole park has an area of 2.13 ha and the natural area within that is 1.61 ha.

It is one of the few remaining remnants of natural bushland in the Sorrento area and as such provides a haven for numerous birds, small reptiles and insects, including the endangered Graceful Sunmoth and Carnaby's Black Cockatoo. The centre of the park has been cleared and gives views to Rottnest, Fremantle and from the east side of the park the Perth city skyline can be seen.

Local residents noticed that the bushland was falling into disrepair due to rubbish dumping, frequent fires and weed invasion. In 2002 "The Friends of Porteous Park" was formed and have been maintaining the park (in conjunction with the City of Joondalup's Natural Areas team), weeding, planting and removing refuse so that the park can continue to be a little bit of bush in the city suburbs. If you would like join in our activities or see weeding dates click on the link for "Friends Group & Volunteer Activities" or contact Mike Norman by email or phone 0438 710 527

This site is a catalogue of the numerous flowers (and other living things) that can be seen in the park throughout the year but with the main wildflower season being from August to October.

The weed species are also included. Although many weeds are pretty, they are a threat to the biodiversity of the park, as a large number of local indigenous flora species could be easily replaced by a smaller number of invasive weed species.

Updated - photos of Domino Cuckoo Bee, Bluebanded Bee, Welcome Swallow

youtube video of Bee-Eaters in the park

Porteous Park is a relatively small remnant of bushland, its biodiversity is very fragile and therefore to prevent irreversible loss of species no wildflowers should be picked under any circumstances.

All photographs were taken in the park.


Porteous Park